I am a freelance graphic designer specialized in responsive design for mobiles and tablets. I have strong experience in UI/UX design and user-centered front end development.
I also pay close attention to typography, not only in choosing the fonts that work harmoniously with each other, but in manipulating the typeface anatomy to get a balanced feel between the letters.
All the websites I make pass the Google Mobile Friendly Test.
I support the idea of using open source software in graphic design.
Currently I run Xfce and LXDE on various Linux distributions, helped by open source graphic software such as Inkscape, GIMP and Image Magick.
All my designs are hand-coded in plain text editors.
Hand-written code gives me full control over the the structure and the look-and-feel of the website I'm making.
I am quick, flexible and easy to work with.
My prices are affordable and negotiable.
I speak fluent English and have conversational level of French and Italian.